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PORTUGAL lies on the Iberian peninsula, to the west of Spain.


Doctor Who did not screen on any local Portuguese television stations in the period that we cover in BroaDWcast.

In the late 1980s, British satellite channels such as Super Channel and BBC Prime (see Cable and Satellite) may have been available in Portugal.

(The Azores group of islands - an autonomous territory of Portugal - was the location of the US Lajes Air Base. Circa 1986, Doctor Who was shown there on the local AFRTS station.)

And those in north Portugal, close to the border with Galicia, the north western region of Spain, may have been able to view the Tom Baker stories airing on channel TVG (as "Doutor Who") that commenced from February 1988. (The Galician dialect shares much with Portuguese.)

According to ITV's Teletext service, it was announced in mid-1996 that Portugal was one of several countries to show an interest in purchasing the Paul McGann TV Movie, but as far as we have been able to tell, no local TV stations broadcast the film (however, as noted below, there may have been a VHS release instead).


In 1982, Editorial Presença, published the first of ten Portuguese translations of Target novelisations as part of their "Colecção Andrómeda" range; the other nine were published in 1983:

Gallery of Portuguese Target adaptations (in story order)
Wraparound cover of The Zarbi

These paperbacks featured unique wrap-around artwork covers.

The books retained all the internal illustrations (the Target fonts and interior layout were preserved). (In Dia dos Daleks, the Daleks chant "Será exterminado!", which is "He will be exterminated!")


There may have been a subtitled release of the TV Movie as a rental only video in Portugal in circa 1997, but we have not been able to verify this. (If so, it would have been released under the MCA/Universal/CIC Video brand.)

The 1999 DVD release of the special re-edit of The Five Doctors had Portuguese as a subtitle language option (although it's not known whether the DVD was actually sold in Portugal):

Five Doctors subtitled

The 2008 DVD of the second Peter Cushing / Dalek movie - Los Daleks Invaden la Tierra 2150 AD - released in Spain by StudioCanal / Universal had Portuguese subtitles.

Portugal in Doctor Who

  • The crew of the Mary Celeste sight the island of Santa Maria, which is one of the Azores group (The Chase).
  • A brochure for "Summer Holidays in Spain & Portugal" can be seen in the travel agency window in Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD.
  • The Underwater Menace takes place on (and inside!) an island on the Atlantic ridge, west of Gibraltar, south of the Azores.
  • Soldiers from the Peninsular War fought in The War Games.
  • The Brazilian native, Latoni, speaks Portuguese (Black Orchid).