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The Fourth Doctor (1974-1981)

Lionheart advertisement; Broadcasting, 13 September 1982
The Paris (Texas) News, Mar. 11, 1984

Selling the fourth Doctor

  • See the table in SELLING DOCTOR WHO for a list of the countries that screened the Fourth Doctor.

The Baker series was sold in seven "Groups" of stories.

Click on the story title to go to the list of (known) countries where that serial was screened.


4A Robot 4
4B The Sontaran Experiment 2
4C The Ark in Space 4
4D Revenge of the Cybermen 4
4E Genesis of the Daleks 6
  • These stories often aired in production code order.
  • Many countries did not screen Genesis of the Daleks.
  • Some countries also skipped Robot.
  • In terms of over-all sales, Group A sold to more countries than any other group of stories; at least 40...
  • These stories were dubbed or subtitled into various languages, such as Spanish (for Latin America), Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan and Galician (for Spain), Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Croatian, and Swedish.


4F Terror of the Zygons 4
4G Pyramids of Mars 4
4H Planet of Evil 4
4J The Android Invasion 4
4K The Brain of Morbius 4
4L The Seeds of Doom 6


4M The Masque of Mandragora 4
4N The Hand of Fear 4
4P The Deadly Assassin 4
4Q The Face of Evil 4
4R The Robots of Death 4
4S The Talons of Weng-Chiang 6


4V Horror of Fang Rock 4
4T The Invisible Enemy 4
4X Image of the Fendahl 4
4W The Sun Makers 4
4Y Underworld 4
4Z The Invasion of Time 6
  • These stories were dubbed into Spanish.
  • GROUPS A to D were sold as a complete package to most countries in the 1970s and early 1980s.


5A The Ribos Operation 4
5B The Pirate Planet 4
5C The Stones of Blood 4
5D The Androids of Tara 4
5E The Power of Kroll 4
5F The Armageddon Factor 6
  • Far fewer countries purchased GROUP E onwards, in comparison to the first four Groups.


5J Destiny of the Daleks 4
5H City of Death 4
5G The Creature from the Pit 4
5K Nightmare of Eden 4
5L The Horns of Nimon 4
5N The Leisure Hive 4
5Q Meglos 4
5R Full Circle 4
  • Several countries stopped after Full Circle, and did not screen any further Tom Baker stories.
  • The original unfinished 6-parter Shada was never sold overseas, but the animated reconstruction was later broadcast by BBC America, Pluto TV and other streaming services.


5P State of Decay 4
5S Warriors' Gate 4
5T The Keeper of Traken 4
5V Logopolis 4
  • These four stories sold to only six countries, compared to Group F, which sold to up to ten.
  • However, with sales to nearly 200 PBS stations across the United States, in terms of total sales, these groups were all very successful!


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