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Dr Who and the Daleks (1965)

Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD (1966)

Variety magazine, 4 August 1965, page 1
Variety magazine, 4 August 1965, page 2
WOR airing, 1984
  • UK Release Dates: 23 August 1965; 5 August 1966

The two Peter Cushing Dalek movies screened in cinemas around the world in the 1960s, and later broadcast on television, and/or released on dubbed or subtitled home video and DVD.

It appears that the second film had a much wider global distribution than the first.

Only the first film received a cinematic release in the United States and Canada. The second film was never distributed as a theatrical presentation, but eventually ended up on TV from July 1969, under the shortened title "Invasion Earth 2150 AD".

It would be impossible to research and catalogue all the countries where each film was shown, but in all likelihood the majority of those nations covered by BroaDWcast saw one or both films at some time or another. And certainly the films would have been seen in some of the countries not covered by this website.

The following countries are those whose profiles contain specific reference to the movies being shown in theatres and/or on TV and released on Video/DVD (with the foreign or alternative titles given where known):

Arabic countries غزا دلكس العالم عام ٢١٥٠
Argentina Daleks Invasion a la Tierra Ano 2150AD
Armed Forces Network Both films were shown on rotation at the various US bases around the world
Belgium Les Daleks Envahissent la Terre
Brazil Dr Who e a Guerra dos Daleks Ano 2150 A Invasão da Terra
China 飛碟 大力人
Denmark Dr Who's Hemmelige Våben
France Dr Who Contre les Daleks Les Daleks Envahissent la Terre
Germany Dr Who und die Daleks
Greece O Dr Who kai oi Dalekoi (Video) Oi Iptamenoi Diskoi Epitithentai (and) Daleks: Eisvoli Sti Gi
Iceland Dr Who og Vélmennin
Italy Daleks Il Futuro Tra un Milione di Anni (and) Daleks Anno 2150 Un Pericola Minaccia la Terra ((Video)
Japan #1 怪人ダレクの惑星 地球侵略戦争2150
Japan #2 Dokutâ Hû in Kaijin Dareku no Wakusei Chikyû Shinryaku Sensô 2150
Luxembourg Les Daleks Envahissent la Terre
Mexico Dr Who y los Daleks
Netherlands De Daleks Veroveren de Aarde
New Zealand
Poland Doktor Who i Dalekowie Inwazja Daleków na Ziemie
Spain Dr Who y los Daleks Los Marcianos Invaden la Tierra (and Los Daleks Invaden la Tierra - 2150 A.D (DVD))
Thailand หุ่นยนต์ ทำลายโลก
Turkey Daleks Fezadan Saldir Anlar 2150 Yili
United States (The second film was not released in cinemas; only shown on TV)