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Second film was shown at the Rivoli cinema in Karachi

PAKISTAN is in central south Asia, bordering India to the east, with Iran to the southwest, and China to the north.

Television was launched in 1964, and although limited colour broadcasts (PAL) occurred in 1976, full colour was not introduced until 1982. And Pakistan is a Commonwealth country, most of the population speaks English, and it uses the PAL colour system, but classic Doctor Who was not seen there.

Peter Cushing and the Daleks

The second of the two Peter Cushing / Dalek movies was released to Pakistani cinemas circa 1967. The poster here is for the Rivoli cinema in Karachi, the largest city. (Islamabad is the capital.)

The lack of any of the dozen or so regional languages printed on the poster hints that it was shown in English only with no subtitling.