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  • 24 December: Hello Michigan! Updates to WKAR, WGVU, WUCM and WTVS.
  • 18 December: The complete run on WFMY has been indentified.
  • 15 December: Minor updates to the Saturday morning run on WTTW.



  • 10 September: Major update to Ghana; a general tidy-up plus the addition of some Tom Baker screenings in the late 1980s. And who was the Ghanaian calling himself "Dr Who"?!
  • 6 September: Updates to WDCN



  • 14 June 2017: WMHT airdates added.


  • 19 February: WQEX, WNPE and WCNY have been updated.
  • 11 February: A week ahead of our sixth Anniversary (!), we've updated the Bicycling Chains again! The middle section that deals with the Stored Field Telerecordings has been rejigged: the groupings of the countries that would have received those particular prints have been reordered. The profiles for the countries in question have also been amended accordingly.


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