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December 2013

  • 17 December: We've added a sortable table (Thank you, Catherine!) which gives a year-by-year snap-shot view of when each story was repeated in Australia (note: so far, free-to-air broadcasts on the ABC only).
  • 16 December: Although the series did not screen in Norway until 2005, information has been provided that the original series was offered but declined in the late 1960s.

November 2013

October 2013

Screen grab of Web of Fear ep 4 film can from BBC News, showing tell-tale date...
  • 29 October: A very quick "blink and you'll miss it" close-up of the film can for episode four of The Web of Fear, shown on the BBC News report on 10 October 2013 (- the one presented by Lizo Mzimba, pause at the 1.13 mark), revealed something hand-written that looked like a date. The black marker scrawl reads "24 mins 52 secs Used Print GOOD 6-5-70". The duration and condition of the film is an assessment comment that can only have been made by a subsequent broadcaster. The only station this could have been is RTS in Singapore, who aired the serial only three months after Hong Kong. On the basis that Hong Kong and Singapore did indeed share film prints (we originally had dismissed that path as a possibility!), our Bicycling Chains tables have been completely revised to factor in that bicycling path. We have also revised the Hong Kong, Singapore and Nigeria pages, as well as those of the stories in question.
  • 11 October: We've updated the pages for Nigeria, Hong Kong, The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. We're delighted that some of our hypotheses and conjecture as to the "Origins" and "Fates" of the Prints used in Nigeria and Hong Kong were close on the mark. That means we must be doing something right!
  • 5 October: Update to Sierra Leone: clarification as to who owned the TV station at the time of the William Hartnell airings, coverage of the problems faced by the SLBS, and some background to the Broadcasting House complex has been added; we also offer a possible solution to "did The Savages get a repeat in 1982?"

September 2013

  • 16 September: The mystery of when exactly the series moved to Wednesdays in April 1965 on Canada's CBC has been solved!
  • 16 September: Major update to the Armed Forces Network profile, with expanded details on the screenings at US bases in the Philippines.
  • 11 September: Updates to OETA. Were they the first station to show seasons 16-18?
  • 3 September: We originally had listings for a run of Tom Baker stories in South Korea. On further investigation, those screenings in 1986 were actually on the American Armed Forces Network cable station and were also seen in Japan, Germany and the Philippines. Therefore, we have removed those listings from the South Korea page, and created a new profile page for the AFN with airdates for eight of the AFN stations.

August 2013

  • 21 August: A Malaysian newspaper used a very strange synopsis with its 1986 listing for Meglos. We've now identified the story from which that synopsis came.
  • 7 August: Did you watch Doctor Who in Indianapolis on WPDS? Did the show really only air for six weeks? Email us: BroaDWcast@hotmail.com
  • 5 August: We're not a news site, but congratulations to Peter Capaldi on becoming the Twelfth Doctor!

July 2013

June 2013

May 2013

  • 30 May: We've made some corrections to the airdates in Australia for 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1993.
  • 29 May: More newspapers for Libya have been accessed. The profile has been updated, but we are still none the wiser as to what aired and when.
  • 21 May: The lists of airdates in Cleveland and Akron are complete. First airings for WFSU added.
  • 17 May: First airings in Pensacola found, plus a full page TV Guide ad and a contribution from its artist.
  • 10 May: We've made some corrections to the summary and airdates of the Australian repeats (Block 20: 1987-1988), specifically the repeats in Melbourne.
  • 1 May: We've ... erm ... junked our cluttered Hartnell Junkings and Troughton Junkings pages, and replaced them with a combined set of tables showing possible "Bicycling Chains"

March 2013

  • 21 March: UPDATES to:
    • Lebanon - minor update and new TV listings clippings added
    • Sierra Leone - general update, and lots of new TV listings clippings added
  • 20 March: UPDATES to:
    • Colombia - despite new information, we are still none-the-wiser as to what aired in 1987!
    • Saudi Arabia - the NTSC broadcasts of Tom Baker stories might have been via satellite rather than on a local station
  • 19 March: UPDATES to:
    • Yugoslavia - what is the "Osveta Cybermena" and why have they created a "Svemirskom stanicom hara kuga"?
  • 18 March: UPDATES to:
    • Ecuador - full update with story titles and airdates
    • Libya - Cushing Dalek movie in 1969, and we may have found evidence of Hartnell screening in 1970
    • Mexico - further Tom Baker repeats in 1980
  • 17 March: UPDATES to:
    • Iran - we have found a further 24 Hartnell episodes
    • Morocco - no airdates found, but general update to profile with new pictures
  • 16 March: UPDATES to:
    • We have found the elusive Tom Baker airdates in Venezuela.
    • Since no airdates have been found for Peru, Guatemala and Dominican Republic, despite checking all available newspapers, we have come to the conclusion that the series did not air, and have adjusted the profiles, and removed the countries from the Story Guide and other tables accordingly.
  • 15 March: UPDATES or REVISIONS have been made to:
    • Nigeria (revised airdates and profile for NBC (1975/76))
    • Jamaica (revised airdates)
    • Ghana (revised airdates)
    • Aden (new picture)
    • Poland (revised profile)
    • Nepal (revised profile)
  • 14 March: We have added a NEW profile page and airdates table for Puerto Rico.
  • 13 March: As hinted on the Broadcasts around the World page, there are a number of major -- and some minor -- updates coming soon. Stay tuned!
  • 1 March: New page added: United States by the numbers.

February 2013

January 2013

  • We've completely revised the Arabic page and added English translations of the Arab narrations on the Planet of Giants DVD.

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