The Keys of Marinus

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Story Code: E / Season 1 UK Airdate: 11 Apr to 16 May 1964 Doctor: William Hartnell
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This story aired in the following countries. They are listed in chronological order according to known airdate. If no month is noted, the actual airdate is not confirmed, and is a close approximate. (Refer also to Selling Doctor Who for expanded airdates.)

"The Sea of Death" at 6.55pm, 25 August 1965; Straits Times (Singapore)
Australia May 65 b/w
Canada Jun 65 b/w
Singapore Aug 65 b/w
Gibraltar Aug 65 b/w
Malta Oct 65 b/w
Aden Nov 65 b/w
Nigeria Dec 65 b/w
Rhodesia / Zimbabwe Feb 66 b/w
Zambia Mar 66 b/w
Trinidad & Tobago Mar 66 b/w
Bermuda May 66 b/w
Uganda Jun 66 b/w
Jamaica Aug 66 b/w
Cyprus Aug 66 b/w
Ghana Aug 66? b/w
Barbados Sep 66 b/w
Hong Kong Oct 66 b/w
Kenya Nov 66 b/w
Thailand Feb 67 b/w
Mauritius Mar 67 b/w
Sierra Leone Aug 67 b/w
Venezuela Oct 67 b/w
Tunisia 67? b/w
Mexico May 68? b/w
Morocco 68? b/w
Saudi Arabia 68? b/w
Chile Apr 69 b/w
Iran Jun 69 b/w
Jordan 69? b/w
Libya Jan 70? b/w
Ethiopia Mar 71 b/w
Costa Rica Sep 71 b/w
Algeria Jan 74 b/w
  • The BBC sold the first five serials / 26 episodes as a package. The fact that this serial does not end with a link to the next story, The Aztecs, was probably deliberate, so should there be any country that did not purchase any further episodes -- such as was ultimately the case with Canada, Bermuda and Ghana -- the series would not end on an unresolved cliffhanger...
  • Cyprus sent its prints to Hong Kong.
  • 16mm film prints of two episodes were found in Australia (found prior to 2009), presumably these were the original broadcast prints that were disposed of after their final transmission by the ABC in December 1965. (Based on the summary of the restoration undertaken for the 2009 DVD release, at least one of the two episodes was episode 4 -- see The Restoration Team's Website.)
  • A 16mm b/w print of episode 6 was apparently found in Taiwan in 2013 (see Taiwan Prints for more).
  • See Hartnell Junkings

US TV Guide descriptions (1960s Hartnells on CBC)

More Information

  • Episode 1: Dr. Who and his passengers land on the planet Marinus.
  • Episode 2: In their search for the missing keys to the machine that controls the planet Marinus, Dr. Who and his friends discover a strange city.
  • Episode 3: A biologist's experiments upset the balance of nature.
  • Episode 4: Dr. Who and his friends are tricked into giving up their wrist dials, their only means of escape from the planet.
  • Episode 5: Ian is accused of murder.
  • Episode 6: Ian is sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit.


  • The serial was reissued by the BBC in late 1985, and sold to:
United States from Sep 85 b/w
New Zealand Jun 00 b/w

US TV Guide descriptions

More Information
Title: The Keys of Marinus

  • Episode 1: The Doctor searches for the missing keys to the machine that controls an island on the planet Marinus.
  • Episode 2: (no plot description)
  • Episode 3: (no plot description)
  • Episode 4: (no plot description)
  • Episode 5: (no plot description)
  • Episode 6: (no plot description)
  • Compilation: The Doctor searches for the missing keys to the machine that controls an island on the planet Marinus.