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TV Guide

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TV Guide is the United States' major TV listings magazine. It began in 1953 and expanded to more than one hundred regional editions until the internet made listings magazines superfluous. The articles on glossy pages at the beginning and end of each issue were the same in every edition.

TV Guide is still published weekly with just two editions (Eastern/Central and Mountain/Pacific).

Doctor Who in TV Guide

10 June 1972: Yoo-Hoo, Monsters. A report on the syndication of the Jon Pertwee stories due to commence in "the fall". Includes photos from The Sea Devils.
TV Guide June 72.jpg
9 July 1983: Happy Birthday to Who. A note about the upcoming national broadcast of The Five Doctors.
TV Guide July 1983.JPG
18 February 1984: A two-page article on the history of Doctor Who, featuring a publicity photo from The Five Doctors. Also, viewer mail from the following week.

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TV Guide 5 Docs part 2.jpg
TV Guide 5 Docs letters.jpg

2 June 1984: A brief overview of the series by Robert MacKenzie.
11 May 1996: The TV Movie previewed
10 December 2012: The new series gets its first cover.
TV Guide cover 20121210.jpg

Plot descriptions

Sample listings for The Daemons in US TV Guides

Although TV Guide was regional, the descriptions were national. The blurbs were shortened for space, or padded with cast lists where necessary. Some stations, such as WTTW, got no descriptions until they started broadcasting their own compilations. Where available they are transcribed on the episode's page, without cast lists and actors' names.

The show and the main character during the 1970s package of Jon Pertwee episodes were always referred to as Dr. Who.

The Lake Ontario and Western New York State editions carried listings for Canada's CBC.

For the 1980s package of William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton stories, it appears that Lionheart supplied only descriptions for episode 1 and the compilation, and they were usually the same as each other.

Lionheart clip art

Lionheart provided standardized ads to the TV stations:

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